Wing Chun Grading - June 2016


Amongst the crazy mix of thunder storms and brief moments of hot sunshine at the end of June we managed to fit in the second set of Beginner Wing Chun gradings for this year.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in SG1-3. You all worked hard and persevered when things didn’t go quite right, resulting in a greater understanding of the area that was causing trouble. Resilience and Awareness are two of our Four Fundamental Skills (along with Focus and Integration) - the ability to bounce back from setbacks and failures and learn from these situations to develop and improve so that you perform better next time you’re in the same place. This was especially important during the gradings, but you all kept your forward pressure and emerged victorious at the end.

Congratulations also go to Karin, Paul, Rob and Stuart who took part in their Grade 4 Pressure Test; you can watch a video of this on YouTube.

Here’s some of the guys who made it through SG1-3.

Student Grade 1

Student Grade 2

Student Grade 3