Wing Chun Grading March and April 2018


Over March and April we had the first Wing Chun grading session of the year. As always everyone worked hard and the standard was high across all levels. Congratulations to everyone who passed:

Beginner Syllabus
Student Grade 1: Armaan, Daniela, Hervé, Jaime, Ken, Lawrence, Liora, Maria, Martyn, Phil, and Tim
Student Grade 2: Ben, Fred, Juneid, Lawrence, Oliver, Stavros and Rajesh
Student Grade 3: Helen, Julian, Lawrence, Thomas, and Tim
Student Grade 4: Lawrence, Phoebe, and Sian

Intermediate Syllabus
Student Grade 5: John, Karl, and Matas
Student Grade 6: Gabor, Kevin, Paul, Wai
Student Grade 7: Gabor, Keith, Loïc
Student Grade 8: Ash

Senior Syllabus
Student Grade 10: Minh, and Thomas
Student Grade 12: Isaac, Peter and John