Wing Chun Grading - September 2016


Over the summer months we made the most of the warm weather and late evening light, training outside most days. Despite the relaxing weather there was work to be done for our Beginner, Intermediate and Senior Wing Chun gradings. As per usual everyone worked hard at their material, demonstrating what they had learnt and importantly understood during the previous term. The quality of the Beginner’s form was especially high this time, well done.

Special mentions go to all the people who completed their SG4 revision grade this time: Dermot, Dan, Danny, Kim, Megan, and Alex. Be sure to check out the videos in the playlist below to see the final part of their test - which is done at the end of the final 3 hours of the grading - against members of the Intermediate class. They’ve already joined the Intermediate group training sessions full of energy and enthusiasm!