Wing Chun Grading September 2018


"Over the past month we’ve had gradings for our complete Wing Chun syllabus, from Beginners all the way up to Advanced Grades. The ‘after summer’ gradings are always the hardest of the year as most people have taken time off over the summer to go on holiday or just relax and enjoy the weather. As a result there’s always a bit more pressure, but then dealing with pressure is one of the big things you train when you learn a martial art.

The normal Student Grades are graded by Col, with Ross doing the Revision Grades (SG4, SG8, and SG12). Passing a Revision Grade takes a lot longer than a normal Student Grade as you have to demonstrate a higher quality of movement, skill, and understanding that only comes as a result of many hours training the material with a high level of focus.

The Advanced Syllabus is graded by Sifu Benno when he visits from Amsterdam, and paves the way to getting the coveted black and red uniform of the Technician. Although the Advanced Syllabus formerly begins once you have completed the Student Syllabus, we do allow students to start this earlier - usually when they have passed SG8. In this case you will be training two distinct syllabuses which usually means you’ll need to spend more time training. If you are interested in doing this, please come and speak to Col or Ross.

So congratulations to everyone who worked hard and succeeded in getting better at their Wing Chun. It’s not always easy, but if it was it wouldn’t be worth training you’re not training hard enough!" - Col

Student Grades
SG1: Jesse
SG2: Alison and Ian
SG3: Daniela, Jaime, Phil, and Tim
SG5: Phoebe and Sian
SG6: John, Karl, and Matas
SG7: Kevin, Paul, Rob, and Wai
SG8: Danny, Gabor, Karin, Kim, and Paul
SG10: Alan, Fiona, Leigh
SG11: John, Josh, Kieran, Minh, Thomas
SG12: Stephen

Practical Wing Chun Grades
Siu Nim Tao 1: Gabor and Stephen
Siu Nim Tao 5: James and Laura
Siu Nim Tao 4: Ka Fai and Keith
Siu Nim Tao 6: Thomas
Cham Kiu 2: Jon and Steve
Cham Kiu 5 & 6: Col