Wing Chun Gradings, December 2019


A fantastic end to the year with our Wing Chun gradings. A high standard from everyone taking part, including Fred and Kevin completing the Intermediate Level Syllabus (SG8) and Gábor completing the whole Student Grade Syllabus (SG12)! It’s always a proud moment when a student’s hard work enables them to successfully complete our Student Syllabus in Wing Chun and gain their black t-shirt, and even more so when it is someone who is part of our Kids, Youth, and Adults Instructor teams like Gábor. A brilliant example of Kung Fu inaction (= Success achieved through hard work and perseverance).

Congratulations to all the following for passing their grades:

Student Grade 1: Dmitrii, Eloise, Ivan, Michael, Monika, and Samuel
Student Grade 2: Abdul, Cat, Giles, Honghao, and John
Student Grade 3: Josh and Lisa
Student Grade 5: Aminoor, Helen, Julian, and Paul
Student Grade 6: Juneid
Student Grade 7: Pam and Rin
Student Grade 8: Fred and Kevin
Student Grade 9: Karl, Keith, Leila
Student Grade 10: Nail and Nick
Student Grade 11: Craig
Student Grade 12: Gábor