Wing Chun Gradings, September 2019


August and September saw our next round of Wing Chun Gradings for this year, and it was great to have the next group hardworking students complete the Beginner and Intermediate Syllabus Revision Grades to move up a level. We also had Sifu Benno over from Holland to grade the Advanced Grades, which resulted in Keith and Laura completing their Siu Nim Tao grades.

Congratulations to the following for passing their grades:

Student Grades
SG1 - Abdul, Cat, Daniel, Giles, Henrique, John, Josh, Kate, and Stephen
SG2 - Asher, Josh, and Lisa
SG3 - Adam, Giorgia, James, Josie, Marcin, Olympe, Rob, Stefana
SG4 - Norbert, and Paul
SG6 - Fred, Pam, Rin
SG7 - Dana, Dani, Fred, Sian
SG8 - Karl, Keith
SG9 - Danny, Nick
SG10 - Wai, Craig, David
SG11 - Gábor, Aston, Alan

Advanced Grades, Siu Nim Tao
SNT3 - John, Kieran
SNT4 - Gábor, Stephen
SNT6 - Keith, and Laura

Advanced Grades, Cham Kiu
CK1 - Ka Fai,
CK3 - Thomas
CK4 - Jon, and Steve