Wing Chun Spring Camp 2019


Back when the summer was still way in the future we held this year’s Wing Chun Spring Camp.

"Being new to Wing Chun, I was initially a little apprehensive about attending the Spring Camp. However, this feeling was quickly dissipated by the friendly and supportive atmosphere that pervaded the training sessions. It was a tremendous experience to undertake five hours of training per day under the instruction of Sifu Ross. I learnt a huge amount, and it has proved a real boost to my regular training. The Camp also was a great opportunity to be able to get to know fellow students and instructors better. I certainly hope to attend further CKF camps.” - Paul, Beginner Wing Chun

"This year we tried switching the Wing Chun Camp from a Summer Camp to a Spring camp and we were blessed with a week of good weather. Our primary focus was unpacking the beginner syllabus to train the underpinning concepts in a novel way before focusing the drills back into their syllabus form. We had a mix of beginner, intermediate, senior & advanced students and instructors and we all had a really good week of Wing Chun training. Having this intense extended time to really go deep into the drills to understand how they connect and integrate into self defence was a really valuable experience for myself along with our students and instructors." - Sifu Ross

If you wanted to attend but were unable, or think that this sounds like something you’d like to try, come to our next Wing Chun camp taking place in Southwold in August. Check HERE for details.