Wing Chun Student Gradings, July 2019


Wing Chun Student Gradings

On July 1st, as summer finally started in Cambridge, we began our Wing Chun Beginner Gradings. The Beginner gradings are every three months and usually take a year to eighteen months to complete, as the 4th grade is a larger Revision Grade where all previous material is retested at a higher standard by Sifu Ross.

Julian passed Student Grade 4, and had this to say:

I wasn’t a complete stranger to the fascinating art that is Wing Chun when I arrived at CKF. I had had two previous Wing Chun teachers from two different lineages. Plus, I had been involved with a serious version of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Master John Ding.

On arriving at CKF I realised that this Wing Chun lineage is what I consider to be an advanced version. A longer, sophisticated, version of Siu Nim Tao incorporating internal elements similar to those of Tai Chi. I also noticed an intelligent and structured method of teaching, that fosters each individual on their own martial journey, avoiding the sometimes brutal, humiliating, and ego driven methods still found in some karate schools. One of my karate grading memories is of somebody, a relative beginner, getting a broken nose in a beginner grading. Punched by somebody who was bigger and much higher graded!

At CKF it is realised that not everybody who does martial arts is a fighter, or big, or confident. It is a friendly nurturing environment, where nobody ‘fails’ they may just need more time. It is also noticeable that the two leading teachers, Ross and Col, do not regard themselves as having completed their martial journey. They are both very much still learning, and continue to develop the CKF syllabus. The culmination of the journey to grade 4 is the, ‘pressure test’, which replaces the sparring element of other systems.

Well, it certainly pressured me! But it also highlighted that I am not as fit as I used to be. Something to work on! The emphasis is on developing useful self-defence skills that can be as simple as the way one stands. Standing slightly side on can prevent a kick to the groin, this I can say from experience! In martial arts and self-defence it can be the small things that make a big difference, the things that become instinctive through regular training of the type at CKF. I look forward to continuing to work through the CKF syllabus. I have also been delighted to witness the big move to a new venue and the success that it is becoming.

Congratulations to the following for passing their grades:

Beginner Grades
Student Grade 1: Asher, Ben, Lisa, and Susana
Student Grade 2: Adam, Jean-Philippe, Josie, Marcin, Olympe, Paul, Rob, Sarah, and Stefana
Student Grade 3: Eleanor, Jessie, Norbert
Student Grade 4: Helen and Julian