Wing Chun Student Gradings, March - April 2019


Wing Chun Student Gradings

Over March and April we had the first Wing Chun gradings of the year focussing on the twelve Student Grades. The Beginner gradings are every three months and usually take a year to eighteen months to complete, as the 4th grade is a larger Revision Grade where all previous material has to be regraded at a higher standard. The Intermediate and Senior gradings are every four months (due to the greater amount of material needed to learn), and as before the last grade of each level is a revision of everything that has come previously) resulting in these levels usually taking fourteen months up to two years each.


Jamie passed Student Grade 4, and had this to say:

I think gradings are not only an assessment of what we can do and what we have learned, but to improve ourselves in various aspects. Of course it is a way to tell we have passed a certain standard, but I like that this is adapted to each person. 
Ultimately, in my opinion, what is important is my own development and my journey, whether it's a physical or mental progress, a humbling or encouraging experience I think gradings provide that. In my experience, I felt this is especially true once we reach Grade 4. 

There are many students not mentioned below as they’re in the middle of completing a Revision Grade, but hopefully we’ll be adding some of them in August!

Congratulations to the following for passing their grades:

Beginner Grades
Student Grade 1: Adam, Amrit, Eden, Honghao, Marcin, Norbert, Rob, and Stefana
Student Grade 2: Eleanor and Norbert
Student Grade 3: Franziska
Student Grade 4: Alison, Jaime, Phil

Intermediate Grades
Student Grade 5: Frederick, Juneau, Oliver, Pamela, Rajesh, and Rin
Student Grade 6: Dani, Daniela, Mathieu, and Thomas

Senior Grades
Student Grade 9: Craig, Huseyin, and Wai
Student Grade 10: Gábor
Student Grade 11: Simon