YKF Gradings September 2016


Seeing the summer out and the winter in, we approached our Youth Kung Fu Gradings for all students in September, as always this provides a significant challenge to all, so well done to everybody who took part! Over to Steve for the highlights...


“This was a really exciting time for grading as it involved many brand new Youth Kung Fu students who had recently moved up from Junior Warriors.

After a nice (sometimes hot and sunny) summer of training and learning how the Youth Kung Fu classes are different from the Warriors, the students knew what was required and were ready for a longer grading session than usual. Channelling their resilience everybody kept going to the end because I know they wanted to pass and do the best they could. And believe me they did!

I can’t wait till the next grading to see how these students perform for their second grade and for the rest of the mover-uppers to take their first grade. Now they have some experienced peers to tell them what happens and offer some advice. I really encourage this, help each other out!

We had one student pass their 4th Grade and they were also awarded Student Of The Season for all the work they have put in, not just this term but since I first started teaching them several years ago. So a big congratulations to Reuben of the Saturday Youth Kung Fu class for achieving his 4th grade and impressing all of us with his ability and pretty vast Kung Fu knowledge that he has now. Keep going, buddy!!

Each year we have more and more students of all ages wanting to start our classes whether they are doing something brand new or because they are at the age and ready to move up. We have classes from age 2 upwards and recently had a student who started in Micro Monkeys age 2 move into the Youth Kung Fu class, this is just another reason I can’t wait for the next grading to see how they are getting on.

Thanks for all the hard work Youth Kung Fu-ers you are AWESOME!!” - Steve