More about Discipline Structure

One of the many things that we feel sets us apart from most other children’s activity clubs is that we have developed a highly effective, and simple, way of encouraging and maintaining good behaviour in all of our classes to help the students make the most of their time with us. We have a very clear and fair discipline structure that is standard across all our kids classes from Tiny Tigers through to Junior Warriors to ensure consistency.


When it comes to discipline, research shows that children respond best to being given clear instructions and being set clear boundaries; in fact they are actually able to enjoy an activity more with this structure in place. Our approach to discipline starts with ensuring that all our students have a full understanding of what behaviour is expected in class. Once the children understand what is expected of them it makes it easier for them to behave well and allows us to praise ‘good’ behaviour and reprimand ‘bad’ behaviour in a consistent way that the kids will deem to be fair.

We regularly recap the basic rules of the class to help the students learn the boundaries through repetition, and particularly when a new child joins the class.

Excellent Points and 'The Tower of Excellence'

Our Instructors are always looking for opportunities to praise the children who are working hard at something during the class. Kung Fu means, “success achieved through hard work,” and one of the many rewards for their hard work in our classes are Excellent Points. Excellent Points are awarded for a huge variety of things, a few examples include; if a student is working particularly hard to focus in their ‘Set Positions’ or ‘Down Positions’, if they are using their awareness skills to succeed a game, if they have shown physical or emotional resilience towards something they have found challenging. If an instructor decides to give a child an Excellent Point then then this will be done publicly, in front of the whole class, and that child will get a high five.

If a child gets a second Excellent Point in the same class then their continued hard work gets recognised by all of the students as they are invited to make their way onto the 'Tower of Excellence'. The class is stopped for a brief moment to recognise the person on the tower by giving them a round of applause or some other sort of fun celebration! We involve the entire class in this process and ensure that all the children are supporting their peers. Not only does this make the child on the tower feel great but it also focuses the rest of the class on something to aim for and is designed to encourage good behaviour by demonstrating how it will be rewarded.

Warnings and 'The Corner of Contemplation'

As well as ensuring that our students understand what behaviour is expected in our classes we also ensure that they understand the repercussions of any unacceptable behaviour. At appropriate times we remind the children that if they are not following instructions and/or are consistently making poor decisions relating to their behaviour in the class then they will get a Warning. Our Instructors generally give Warnings privately on a one-to-one basis and, when giving a child a Warning, our Instructors make it very clear why the child is receiving it.

If, after the First Warning, a student continues to misbehave within the same class they will be given a Second Warning and asked to sit in the 'Corner of Contemplation' in their Down Position. Children will remain in the 'Corner of Contemplation' for the same number of minutes as their age (i.e. a 6 year old will be in the corner for 6 minutes). The idea of the ‘Corner of Contemplation’ is to encourage the child to spend some time thinking about why they received their Warnings and consider how they could have made better decisions about how they behaved. After spending the allotted time in the ‘Corner of Contemplation’ one of the Instructors will have a quick debrief with the child and ensure that they understand why they had to spend some time out and how they are expected to behave for the rest of the class. Our Instructors will let them know that this is now a fresh start and invite them to join back in with the class.

If a child spends time in the ‘Corner of Contemplation’ during one of our classes we strongly advise against any further repercussions of this at home after class; as once a child has spent time in the corner we will have done all we can to help them move forwards positively and they should be allowed to do so without any follow up reprimands.

We try very hard to make this consistent across all of our classes but also recognise that we’re not perfect. The challenge for us is to maintain consistency even with a class of 20 students and we pride ourselves on attaining a high level of success, not regularly found in children’s activities. If you have any questions or concerns about our Discipline Structure please Contact Us.