More about Grading and Ceremonies

Each term the Little Dragons and Junior Warriors will learn about a different martial art. We teach the forms on a rotating syllabus, spending three months on each martial art. The children will learn stances and attacking and defensive techniques specific to that martial art, they will learn where the martial art comes from and some additional background information. Students will also be encouraged to do additional research about the martial art at home.
The children will learn a form (a sequence of moves) based on the martial art they are studying; Junior Warriors forms are slightly more complex and challenging than the forms our Little Dragons learn.
At the end of the term the children will be graded (assessed) on their ability to remember the form, the names of the moves and the facts they have learnt about that martial art. If you would like to help your child prepare for their grading you will find links to all the form moves and the facts at the bottom of the Little Dragons and Junior Warriors pages. If your child is struggling to remember the order of the moves or the names of the moves it may help to reassure them that we will be mostly focusing on the quality of their movements and so if they need a little prompting during their grading this won't drastically affect their marks. Below you can see what the children are graded on and what marks each element carries.
Set Position and Bow - 10 Marks Available
Names and Sequence of Moves - 10 Marks Available 
Focus (Throughout Grading) - 10 Marks Available
Questions/Facts - 10 Marks Available
Quality of Moves - 60 Marks Available
Gradings are optional and if your child would prefer not to grade then that that is absolutely fine! However we do feel that gradings are a positive experience and would encourage children to consider giving it a go. The idea is that gradings are designed to positively challenge the students without overwhelming them and we strive to ensure that every child is comfortable with grading before the grading classes. However, if your child has any concerns or questions at all then please do speak to one of their instructors.

For details about Snow Leopards grading please chat to Neil as it will vary depending on which form your child is studying. Micro Monkeys and Tiny Tigers do not grade but will still receive a certificate (in both Micro Monkeys & Tiny Tigers) and a badge (in Tiny Tigers).
If your child passes their grading they will receive a certificate as well as a badge to sew on to their Kung Fu suit. If your child fails their grading we aim to give them a second attempt and will talk to them about what they can do to help them pass. Those who do not wish to grade or do not pass their first or second attempt at grading will receive a 'Participated' certificate. The pass marks are as follows;

50%+ = Pass
60%+ = OK
70%+ = Good
80%+ = Very Good
90%+ = Amazing
100% = Perfect!
Certificates and badges are presented at the children's Ceremonies which are held at the end of each term (4 per year), details of which will be communicated throughout the term. Ceremonies bring together all students from one particular group (i.e. all the Micro Monkeys, Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons, Junior Warriors or Snow Leopards) and it is a chance to recognise all the hard work they have put in throughout the term! Parents, guardians, siblings, grandparents etc. are all invited to join us. Ceremonies generally begin with a large game involving all the children, the children then demonstrate the form they have been learning, before being awarded with their certificates and badges. If your child is unable to attend their Ceremony then please do not worry about this; they will be presented with their badge and certificate at their next regular class.