More about 'Moving Up'

'Moving Up' takes place once each year at the end of the Summer Term (just before the Summer Holidays) and during this process we invite children, who are old enough, to progress to the next class. 

This means;
Tiny Tigers currently in School Year 1 will move up to Little Dragons
Little Dragons currently in School Year 3 will move up to Junior Warriors
Junior Warriors currently in School Year 5 or 6 may want to consider moving up to our Youth Kung Fu Programme

In the weeks leading up to 'Moving Up' we will contact you to say whether, according to our records, we think your child is due to move up and, if old enough, asking which class they would like to move in to.
As spaces in our classes are in high demand, particularly on Saturdays, we fill spaces on a first come, first served basis which means if you have a strong preference as to which class your child moves in to then make sure you reply to the 'Moving Up' email/letter ASAP.

You can view a complete timetable of all our classes if you are unsure of the options available.
If your child is in Year 5 or 6 and is contemplating moving up to Youth Kung Fu then you may want to consider the following, which is a message from Sifu Ross;

"There is a definite transition into YKF, and although we do look to make this smooth it is still significant. We expect our YKF students to be able to manage their own training and take responsibility for their progression to a much greater degree than in Junior Warriors. The classes are still fun without a doubt but it's a different sort of fun than the children's classes and this should be considered when thinking if your child is ready for YKF. There is no rush to move up but at the same time when someone is ready for a more mature approach to their training we don't want to hold them back. This is why we make it a flexible transition in terms of when to move up.

Recently we have made our weekday YKF programme more flexible in terms of training as, although we still recommend that all our students train twice per week, we are now accepting students into the beginners class that only train once per week. However, it is important to understand that this may mean staying in the beginners class for longer than those who train twice per week. Currently it takes students between 1 and 2 years to graduate from the beginners class and I imagine that children training for 1 hour per week can expect to stay in the class for 1.5 to 3 years depending on the amount of practise they do outside of class and their ability to learn and coordinate their bodies.

The key thing is that Kung Fu is an individual journey and different children will progress at different rates and we feel this is completely natural, but we just want you to understand this from the outset and not to worry. Children are all different as you well know and we want to treat your child as an individual and this may mean staying in the beginners class for a greater or lesser time than other children. The children who graduate from the beginners class are good at Kung Fu, often really good, and they don't graduate until they are ready. The standard in our Intermediate and Advanced YKF class is high and our aim is maintain and improve that level, all our beginner students have to earn the right to train in that class.

We feel it's very useful to manage our students expectations. They are mature enough by the time they enter YKF to understand that the more you put into something the more you will get out of it. If this is understood from the beginning then hopefully it will help individuals understand why other students may progress faster or slower than them and to appreciate this is OK and to understand the reasons behind this." - Sifu Ross