Our Prices Explained

We want to do our best to make sure that you and your child are 100% happy with our classes before joining, so we offer a couple of free lessons to make sure you and your child are both really enjoying your Cambridge Kung Fu experience.
If your child would like to join Cambridge Kung Fu after their free introductory classes, the fees are paid monthly. Our community classes cost £37 per calendar month if your child attends one class per week or £54 per calendar month if your child attends two classes per week (please note each payment covers the calendar month that it is in, not the following 30 day period). We offer discounts for families and to those wishing to pay annually as opposed to monthly.
When your child joins Cambridge Kung Fu there is a one off Joining Fee which pays for their initial Membership, Insurance and Uniform as well as helping to cover the administrative costs of signing them up.
To see a list of all our prices and discounts please see the 'Kids Classes Pricelist' on our Paperwork Resources Page.
As a not-for-profit organisation it is important to us that we offer the best value for money to our members whilst maintaining a business which is financially viable. We want our members to understand our prices and therefore we aim to be completely transparant with how we have valued our classes and why this is.
We value each of our Children's classes at approximately £11 per session. This is based on a number of things including our location, the price we have to pay to hire the venues we use, the number of instructors we feel are needed in each class and the quality of the class in terms of the resources we put into research, development and staff training. This price also includes membership, insurance, gradings and additional resources on our website.
We apply a discount because we understand that most people will take around 6 weeks of holiday per year (4 weeks holiday plus we are closed for 2 weeks at Christmas). Therefore this is taken into account with our monthly prices. We also like to say 'thank you' for the fact that you pay by Direct Debit, allowing Cambridge Kung Fu to operate in a financially stable way, as we know there will be money coming in consistently each month.
We apply an additional discount for those families who have more than one child attending our classes. Also, we value your child training with us more than once per week, as they are likely to get more out of our classes, so additional discount is applied to benefit those families who's child(ren) train with us more regularly.
If you have any further questions about our prices then please Contact Us.
Missing/Overdue Payments

If we have to chase up missing payments and money owed to us it can be a large drain on resources for a small company like ours. Therefore please ensure that you update us if your contact details change so that any issues can be resolved promptly. If payment issues are not promptly resolved and we have to spend extended amounts of time dealing with missed payments then it may be necessary to charge an administration fee to cover these additional resources. We will notify you if you are approaching this stage.