Tiny Tigers

Classes designed for children who are in Reception and Year 1 at school (aged 4 to 6).

In our Tiny Tigers classes Kung Fu is largely taught through fun games and play. The children do learn some Kung Fu moves, however we do not grade them on their form as we do with our older students.

Every 3 months the Tiny Tigers classes focus on games and movements based on different sets of animals and characters, to help them develop their physical co-ordination and engage their imaginations. We are always looking at ways to enhance the relationship between the movement and central nervous systems; this is Mindful Movement and we believe it has significantly greater benefit than exercise alone.

At the end of the term we hold a ceremony for the Tiny Tigers to celebrate their hard work and achievements. Parents, guardians, relatives and friends are invited to the ceremony to watch the Tiny Tigers demonstrate their form and receive a badge and certificate.

We aim to support each child's natural growth, helping them to coordinate their bodies and minds, to have fun exercising and being physical, and to learn to overcome challenges which we believe to be the first step towards becoming a confident and successful person.

The Tiny Tigers class is designed to prepare the children for our Little Dragons classes.

If you would like to learn more about our Kids Classes, you can find out more about Our Aims and Teaching Methods here.

Tiny Tigers Grading

We do not assess (grade) the Tiny Tigers on the sequence of moves (form) that they learn, however we do hold a Ceremony for them to celebrate their achievements and to award them a badge and certificate.