Clothing and Merchandise

Details of the Cambridge Kung Fu Suits, Trousers, T-Shirts, Hoodies and other Merchandise.

When you, or your child, join Cambridge Kung Fu you will pay a Joining Fee which pays for membership, insurance and uniform. In our Kids Classes this uniform consists of a Kung Fu Suit and a T-shirt, in our Youth Kung Fu Classes your child will receive Kung Fu Trousers and a T-shirt and in the Adults Classes students will receive Kung Fu Trousers and one/two T-shirts depending on how often you intend to train.

If ever you would like to purchase additional uniform you can speak to one of our instructors who will be happy to bring items along to class. Prices of our uniform are listed below...

Kung Fu Suits (Size 70-150) - £20
Kung Fu Jackets (Size 70-150) - £10
Kung Fu Trousers (Size 70-150) - £10
Kung Fu Trousers (Size 160 and Larger) - £20
Kids T-Shirts - £10
YKF T-Shirts (Youth Sizes) - £10
YKF T-Shirts (Adults Sizes) - £15
Adults T-Shirts - £15

We are also pleased to be able to offer various additional items on our sister website Here you will find a large range of customisable Cambridge Kung Fu Hoodies for both Kids and Adults, as well as Shorts and Performance Tops for Adults.