Community Classes

Classes designed for young people from Year 7 up to the age of 16.

In our Youth Kung Fu classes we teach Wing Chun Kung Fu, which is the principle martial art taught by Cambridge Kung Fu. Wing Chun is an excellent Self Defence system and, in addition to this, benefits include improved posture, flexibility, coordination and focus, to name just a few.

Our Youth Kung Fu classes require a greater degree of maturity than our Kids Classes as the children will be expected to work without continual supervision and will be involved in light contact work. As the students progress, the level of contact increases until they have the potential to deal with any type of attack, including; unarmed, armed and multiple attackers.

We offer Beginner Youth Kung Fu classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The weekday Beginner classes are held at St. Matthews Primary School and the Saturday Beginner class is held at Netherhall Sports Centre. All the Beginner classes last one hour.

Our Intermediate/Senior Youth Kung Fu classes are also held on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings at St. Matthew's Primary School and we recommend that students attend on both a Tuesday and a Thursday. However if this is not possible then students are invited to sign up to either a Tuesday or a Thursday although this will mean that they will progress through the syllabus at a slower rate. Alternatively we have Intermediate/Senior classes on Saturdays at Queen Edith Primary School and these last 1.5 hours.

If you would like to learn more about our Youth Kung Fu Classes, you can find out more about Our Aims and Our Teaching Methods here.

Youth Kung Fu Grading

In both our Weekday and Saturday programme we hold Grading classes every three months and students can choose whether they would like to take the next Grade if they feel ready.

We aim to make the gradings a positive experience for the children, however it is a test and as such is a challenge. We believe self confidence grows from overcoming adversity and so we feel it is our responsibility to give our students the opportunity to meet and overcome challenges in a positive environment. This means that is not uncommon for students not to pass their grades first time, especially when testing for the revision grades: 4, 8 & 12.

For more information about our Grading criteria please visit our website.

There are twelve Student Grades in total:

Student Grades 1 – 4: Beginner Level (White T-Shirt)

There are three beginner self-defence components that we teach in a rotating curriculum, defence against; punches, kicks & grabs. Students also start to learn the first Wing Chun form, the Siu Nim Tao.

In addition to self defence applications students at all Grades will practise:

  • Solo drills: Learning to perform strikes & footwork in a technical way either solo or in a group

  • Pad work: Learning how to work effectively in a partnership to strike and hold pads

  • Sparring exercises & games (these are light contact and are a progression from our kids Kung Fu games)

Student Grade 4 is the first Revision Grade; students repeat all of the material from Student Grades 1-3.

Student Grades 5-8 : Intermediate Level (Green T-Shirt)

There are three Intermediate self-defence components that we teach in a rotating curriculum, defence against; Close range strikes (Elbows, Knees, Head-butts....), Anti-Grappling (This is the evolution from the grabs defence in the beginners programme, we now apply the principles learned to more dangerous situations; when someone is trying to grapple us and/or throw/take us to the ground) & Anti-Ground Fighting (learning how to safely go to and get up from the ground and how to fight on the ground if necessary). Students finish learning the Siu Nim Tao.

Student Grades 9-12: Senior Level (Navy Blue T-Shirt)

There are three Senior self-defence components that we teach in a rotating curriculum, defence against; Multiple Attackers, Armed attackers & how to control an aggressive attacker. Senior Students also learn the second Wing Chun form: The Cham Kiu

Advanced Level (Black T-Shirt)

When students pass their Twelfth Grade they reach the Advanced Level and wear a black t-shirt. Once the student's turn 16 or complete the Youth Kung Fu Student Grades, whichever comes first, they are invited to start the Adult curriculum.


Youth Kung Fu - Intermediate / Senior Classes

Tue St. Matthew's Primary School, Cambridge 7pm
Thu St. Matthew's Primary School, Cambridge 7pm
Sat Queen Edith Primary School, Cambridge 9am
Sat Queen Edith Primary School, Cambridge 10.30am
Sat CKF HQ 10.15am

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