More about Self Defence

The Youth Kung Fu classes are where the children in our club start to learn explicitly how to defend themselves; we teach them about personal safety and the law concerning self defence. 

We also deal with issues of bullying and how to deal effectively with bullies; our principle approach being to help them understand that their becoming more confident will make it more likely that most bullies will leave them alone. However, if bullies approach and threaten them, we teach them that where possible they should leave the area (run away if necessary) and tell a person in authority. If leaving the situation is not an option then we teach the children that they must be strong and defend themselves physically. We teach that as a defender we should always administer the minimum amount of force necessary to finish the confrontation as efficiently as possible. This is, of course, a grey area and we aim to support our students in being able to make the correct choices that keep them safe above all else.