Escrima Concepts

Originating from the Philippines, Escrima (also known as Kali and Arnis) was used against the Spanish colonialists in the 1500’s. Escrima has since evolved into a modern, realistic and effective martial art through the study of other weapon and unarmed concepts; Balance, Focus, Power, Timing/Distance/Speed, and Transition. Everything which we do with a weapon in Escrima uses the same concepts for our unarmed applications which has the benefit of making Escrima Concepts an easily accessible martial art for street situations. We live in a society in which weapons are used widely in violent crime and understanding weapons can prove invaluable in protecting yourself.

Escrima is a fighting art; pure and simple. Originally practiced with knives and machetes in the Philippines, it was more a way of life than a hobby (like people in the wild west owning a gun). These days, the majority of people walking the streets, people like our students, are not in fact carrying around bladed weapons. Instead, should we need to defend ourselves, we have to make do with what we normally have with us; what we are legally allowed to carry around with us in our daily life.

The Benefits of Escrima Concepts

Escrima Concepts is a very practical martial art which is excellent for both self defence and fitness. The physical benefits of our Escrima Concepts classes include increased mobility, increased dexterity and improved coordination. As students progress through our syllabus and begin to use two weapons, they will benefit from improved left/right coordination as a result of using both their left and right arms with different weapons and leg combinations simultaneously. The added pressure of using weapons without hurting yourself, or your training partner, improves confidence and develops increased body control and awareness of yourself and others.

Many of the techniques you will practice do not require strength or power since most of the power is derived from body movement and economy of motion; because of this anyone can practice Escrima Concepts regardless of their build or physical strength.

Because you will be using weapons from the very beginning everything is initially taught slowly and with control, aiming to keep students relaxed under the natural pressure caused by using weapons. Once you are comfortable with, and proficient in, the use of basic attacks and defences, students can then begin to add some speed and eventually power.

In addition to the physical benefits of our Escrima Concepts classes, it is our aim for all of our students to benefit from the self-discipline that comes from studying a martial art and the self-confidence that comes from knowing ways in which you could defend yourself should it become necessary. All of our classes are designed to help students lead a safe, happy, healthy and successful life.

Our Classes

We welcome everyone to come along and try out a couple of classes for free, so that you can get an idea of what and how we train, as well as meeting the instructors and other students.

Due to the distancing requirement of 2 metres we are using long staffs to enable us to continue training and hitting with the weapons, rather than at the normal closer range. New members can use the clubs weapons for their trial classes, but will will need to buy their own staff and sticks for regular classes.

Face to Face Classes
Tuesdays 6.30pm – 7.50pm: Beginners, NCI Centre
Tuesdays 8pm-9.20pm: Intermediate+, NCI Centre
Thursdays 12pm-1.20pm: All Levels, CKF HQ

Zoom Classes
Tuesdays 6.30pm – 7.50pm: All Levels (taught as part of the Face to Face class)
Thursdays 12pm-1.20pm: All Levels (taught as part of the Face to Face class)
Thursdays 7.30pm-8.50pm: All Levels (Zoom only)

Private Lessons
Private lessons and small group sessions are available on request.

Please get in touch if you would like to try out a free class or book a private lesson.

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