Escrima Instructors

We are very fortunate to have learnt Escrima from some of the top Escrima practitioners in the world, including Grandmaster Brian Jones and Master Ricky Crofts (Latosa Escrima and Integrated Kun Tao), Grandmaster Bill Newman (Latosa Escrima), and Master John Morgan.

We are now proud to train and teach the ‘Escrima Concepts’ of Grandmaster Steve Tappin, who is an internationally renowned master of martial arts specialising in the use of unarmed and weapons for self protection. Grandmaster Steve and his son Wayne teach all round the world to top martial artists as well as bouncers, police, and military units. Throughout the year both Grandmaster Steve and Wayne visit Cambridge to give seminars and to grade students who are ready.

In Cambridge, our Senior Instructor is Col Maggs who is currently a 1st Technician Grade (1TG) and private student of Instructor Wayne Tappin (4TG).

Col has been training Escrima since 2002, and now teaches the Cambridge classes assisted by Instructors Tiest and Neil.

In 2019 Neil also started his own club in Newmarket, Suffolk Escrima Concepts.

The EC Cambridge Senior Team at an Axe Seminar at the start of 2020 with GM Steve and Wayne.

From L-R: Tim, Neil, Col, GM Steve, Tiest, Amy, Martyn, Wayne.

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