Self Defence

At Cambridge Kung Fu we feel that it is very important for people of all ages to have a working knowledge of Self Defence and the options available to them if a Self Defence situation should occur. All our regular martial arts classes are geared towards helping members achieve this, however for parents and friends, who do not train with us regularly, it can be a daunting subject and one easily ignored until it’s too late.

If you come and train with us our goal is to help you understand your natural fear of physical attack and to give you options and ideas for how to physically and psychologically defend yourself against an attacker. You will be shown options for how to deal with pretty much any type of attack you may face on the street.

What is Self Defence?

This may seem an obvious question, but have you ever sat down and thought about defending yourself in a physical battle against another human being? This is probably not a very pleasant process for you; it may make you anxious to think about being attacked, you may feel afraid. These are perfectly healthy emotions to feel when thinking about, and visualising, being attacked by another human being.

We are not saying that because you practise some scenarios you will necessarily be able to achieve a positive result against any attacker at any time in any situation immediately. What we think is true for most people is that when we face a problem in life, if there seem to be no options open to us, the situation is a lot more distressing than when we feel we have options open to us; options which allow us to feel more confident and relaxed.

You do not need to be confident, fit or strong to benefit from Self Defence training. You do not need to have good coordination or body awareness, or any experience at all. These are all advantages you might bring with you, but our training will give you the keys to develop these for yourself.

Our courses and workshops focus on basic skills and ideas that can be applied to a large variety of situations – attendees work at developing a few simple tools to a good standard so they don’t have to try and remember different things for each different situation. As the context changes, your tools adapt to fit the new threat.

The Fundamental Skills

We look to develop four specific skills so that they can be incorporated into all areas of life, not just self defence.

  1. Awareness: Use all of your senses, including your intuition. Developing this skill is the single most important lesson of the day.

  2. Focus: Always think firstly about what you have got, then what you have not got. Be soft where they are strong and strong where they are weak.

  3. Resilience: Your ability to bounce back/recover from the shock of being attacked or confronted in an aggressive way.

  4. Integration: Think of ways you can practise these skills in your every-day lives so that you continue to increase your chances of defending yourself after the training. This also includes having balance, which is vital for effective self defence; do all you can to preserve your balance and take away their balance – this goes beyond the physical into mental and emotional balance also.

The Aims of Self Defence Training

– To teach you the skills to create options and see opportunities, leading to a safer and less stressful life.
– To, through incremental progression, make you more resilient and agile in your thought and movement.
– To help you understand adrenaline and your body’s reaction to fear and physical threat.
– To change your mentality from a fear based submissive state to a strength based dominate state (when and where it is needed and appropriate).
– To help you to become more aware of yourself and your environment and so become better able to avoid confrontation; the best Self Defence of all.
– To help you understand the law and what you are legally able to do in your defence.