Courses and Workshops

We often teach Self Defence courses and workshops for businesses throughout the Cambridgeshire area. We can come into your place of work during the day and run a one-off workshop on some basic ideas and movements, or do a regular session over a series of weeks to really let you/your staff practice, and get good at, the material. We can also organise a venue for your group if you do not have one.

We can provide additional online training tutorials covering the basics of what we teach so that you can continue to train with each other after your sessions. Depending on the length of your training session, you might find that the online resources give you exercises to train that were not taught in your session. Because of this all our videos aim to give you the information you need to learn and develop your skills in these areas.

We also have experience teaching courses, running workshops and giving talks to University Students, College Students, School Students, Youth Groups, NHS Staff and Women’s Institute groups.

If this is something you are interested in please contact us and we can discuss the options with you.

Free Yearly Workshop

Once a year we teach a free Self Defence workshop open to all members, family and friends of Cambridge Kung Fu aimed at teaching the fundamental concepts needed to help you deal with some of the most unpleasant situations life may bring (for ages 16+). Our aim is for attendees to leave the session feeling that they have more options should something happen, and the confidence to take the action it requires to protect themselves or others.


“I got an awful lot out of it, on many levels and aside from the practical stuff have taken away food for thought.”

“As well as being absorbing, useful, and fun, it affected me quite deeply in a way I did not expect. Through talking about self defence over the years, I knew a lot about the ‘theory’ …. but the experience of ‘ferocity’ in a completely safe environment was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I found this very powerful and quite unsettling, in a very positive way.”

“I really enjoyed the seminar, and have taken away some key messages, which I am repeating to myself regularly, to try to keep them in mind. Thank you.”

“I do feel privileged to have been invited, and have told at least 5 people about it so far. I know I will remember some key things about the usefulness of awareness, core strength and balance.”

“The workshop on Sunday was really useful, please could you pass on my thanks to the guys for running the session.”

“We both had a great time! Thank you for letting us know about it.”

“Thank you for the fantastic workshop and your time – it really was enlightening. We were impressed with the teaching style and the reasoning behind the actions as well as their effectiveness. It was really good practising against different partners too – to get an idea of size differences alone!” 

“I got a really positive feeling after the workshop and it was for sure very well-spent time.”

“Thank you very much for the very useful workshop on Saturday. It was well organised, challenging but achievable.”