Wing Chun Syllabus

During the Lockdown of 2020 we started filming the Escrima syllabus, along with many solo training exercises and recordings of our Zoom classes for students to use when training outside of class. These are available through our online portal: FuTube, and you can find some taster videos here.

Student Grades 1-4 (Beginner Level)
This is your introduction to Wing Chun, teaching the first form (Siu Nim Tao) along with fundamental techniques and strategies from Chi Sau, Lat Sau, and basic Self Defence. Completing this level usually takes around a year.
Students working towards these grades wear a white t-shirt.
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Student Grades 5-8 (Intermediate Level)
This is where you develop your understanding of the Siu Nim Tao through applications, begin the traditional Chi Sau exercises, and closing the range with your Lat Sau training. Self Defence training becomes more persoanlised and free. Completing this level usually takes 12-18 months.
Students working towards these grades wear a green t-shirt.
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Student Grades 9-12 (Senior Level)
Introducing the second form (Cham Kiu), developing attacking and defending strategies in Chi Sau, and increasing the range in your Lat Sau trainnig. Self Defence training is now about using your Wing Chun in different situations to improvise without time to plan. Completing this level usually takes 12-18 months.
Students working towards these grades wear a brown t-shirt, and receive a black t-shirt on completion of the Student Grade syllabus.
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Technician Grades (1-4) (Advanced Level)
After completing the Student Grades, the Technician Grades are where you really delve into the deatil of the Wing Chun System. This is where you learn the Biu Jee and Wooden Dummy forms.
Students who have passed the 1st TG grade wear black with red.

Instructor Levels

Assistant Instructor


Senior Instructor



We hold regular gradings for those who wish to progress through our syllabus. For beginners we have grading every three months, when students can choose to take their next grade if they feel ready. For the basic grades, three months is normally plenty of time based on students training twice per week. For the intermediate and senior grades we grade every 4 months. Some higher grades often require more than one grading rotation to pass.

When you complete a Level and move up, eg Beginner to Intermediate, you are presented with a new t-shirt as a congratulations from us on working hard and succeeding.

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