Tai Chi Instructors

The Tai Chi we teach is that taught by Grandmaster Brian Jones, who himself trained under a variety of distinguished instructors, including Grandmaster Leong Fu, Master Tjoa Khek Kiong, Grandmaster Grecco Wong, and Prof. Tatsuo Suzuki. From these instructors Brian studied a variety of Tai Chi styles, as well as other arts (such as Black Tiger, Wing Chun, White Crane, Tik Po Sum/Iron Body and more) and has incorporated their influences into his own styles, to ensure that they continue to develop and grow as ‘Integrated Kun Tao’.

Master Ricky Crofts continues Brians legacy, teaching strudents and instructors from around the world.

In Cambridge, our Senior Instructor is Col Maggs who was a private student of Grandmaster Brian, and continues his training under Master Ricky.

Col has been training Tai Chi since 2003, and now teaches the Cambridge classes assisted by fellow Instructor Rin Hands.

In the photo you can see Col and Ricky with Rin receiving her Instructor Certificate in 2019.

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