Adults Martial Arts

We teach the arts of Wing Chun Kung FuEscrima Concepts, and Tai Chi Chuan, along with Self Defence, to everyone aged sixteen and over.

In addition to our classes, we host regular workshops taught by the Cambridge Kung Fu team and are available for private and small group training throughout the week.

We also host seminars given by the Chief Instructors and internationally renowned masters of each of the arts we teach.

Choose from the programmes below for more details, or if you’re aged 11-16 click here.

Wing Chun

A sophisticated and effective martial art.

Escrima Concepts

A pragmatic weapons based martial art for use in the modern world.

Tai Chi Chuan

A system that focuses on improving the health and relaxation of the practitioner.

Self Defence

Courses and workshops teaching the skills and knowledge needed to help you deal with a conflict situation.


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