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Class Price

The price for our classes is £42 per Month for one student attending one class per week. This includes:
– 1 x face to face class
– Access to online resources (FuTube)
– 4 catch up classes for missed classes per term
All classes should be paid for monthly via Direct Debit.

Joining Fee (One-Off)

The Joining Fee is a one-off payment that pays for Membership, Insurance and a T-Shirt. We normally collect your Joining Fee with your first Direct Debit, however you can pay this separately if you wish. The monthly price includes all subsequent Membership and Insurance.

Kids Joining Fee

– Membership: £25

– T-shirt: £10

Total: £35

Youth Joining Fee*

– Membership: £25

– T-shirt: £10 (Kids Sizes) or
£15 (Adults Sizes)

Total: £35/£40

Adults Joining Fee*

– Membership: £25

– T-shirt: £15

Total: £40

*Students attending more than 1 class per week are required to purchase two T-Shirts (for hygiene reasons).

Students attending Youth/Adult Escrima Concepts are also expected to purchase their own sticks costing £30.

Please Note

  • Our pricing structure takes in to account the fact that we are closed for the Christmas Holidays and that most people will take approximately one month’s holiday each year in addition to this. Therefore Direct Debit payments will remain continuous throughout the year unless you have made a prior arrangement with us.
  • If you miss any classes you are welcome to attend up to 4 catch up classes per term. Please contact us if you would like to do this.
  • We require one month’s notice if you intend to stop training with us/stop paying for your classes.
  • Escrima Concepts International Membership: If you are training in an Escrima Concepts class you also will need to be a member of the Escrima Concepts organisation. This costs £20 a year and is due each October. Your membership from when you start until your first January is covered by Cambridge Kung Fu. When you take your first grade you will be required to purchase an Escrima Concepts grading booklet which lasts for 10 years and costs £20.


Multi Class Discount:  £20 off the monthly price for each additional class

Family Discount: £10 off the monthly price for each additional student


Your Joining Fee (see above) includes one t-shirt (or two if you’re an adult training twice a week), and you only need to purchase additional ones when you are ready for a new t-shirt. It’s preferred that you wear plain black jogging bottoms, leggings, shorts or Martial Arts trousers (for example: kids /adults). After this all other uniform you purchase is optional.

Please speak to an instructor if you would like to purchase additional t-shirts or have any uniform questions. Additional uniform t-shirts cost £10 for kids sizes, and £15 for adults sizes.

Casual Wear: Kung Fu Hoodies and non-uniform t-shirts can be found at


Grading in our Kids and Youth Classes is included in the monthly price. Adults Grading prices are listed below…

Escrima Concepts Grading
All Student Grades (1-9) £20 each

Wing Chun Grading
Students Grades (1-3, 5-7, 9-11): £20 each
Revision Grades (4, 8, 12): £35 each

UCT Membership (Adults Classes)
If you wish to grade in the Practical Wing Chun Syllabus (these are different to the Cambridge Kung Fu Grades) there is an additional Annual Membership fee of £37 (paid each January). This makes you part of Sifu Benno’s UCT Organisation, which is part of Sifu Wan Kam Leung’s Practical Wing Chun Organisation.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be booked for individuals and small groups. You can book private lessons either singularly or in blocks of 10. If you book, and pay for, a block of 10 private lessons you get your 11th lesson for free!

Assistant Instructor

No. of Students: 1
Single Session: £30
10 Sessions: £300 plus a FREE lesson


No. of Students: 1
Single Session: £40
10 Sessions: £400 plus a FREE lesson

Senior Instructor/Sifu

No. of Students: 1
Single Session: £50
10 Sessions: £500 plus a FREE lesson

For 2-4 Students:     Single Session: Additional £5 per person.      10 Sessions: Additional £5 pp, per lesson