Youth Martial Arts

In our Youth programme we teach the arts of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Escrima Concepts.

Our Youth classes require a greater degree of maturity than our kids classes as the children will be expected to work without continual supervision and will be involved in light contact work. As the students progress, the level of contact increases until they have the potential to deal with any type of attack, including; unarmed, armed, and multiple attackers.

As in all our classes, we aim to support our students in becoming more confident; leading to a safe, meaningful, healthy and successful life.

Choose from the programmes below for more details, if you are 16 or older please go here.


Wing Chun

A sophisticated and effective martial art.

For those aged 11-16

Escrima Concepts

A weapons based martial art for use in the modern world.

For those aged 13-16

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