Kids Kung Fu

At Cambridge Kung Fu we aim to support each child’s natural growth; helping them to coordinate their bodies and minds, to have fun exercising and being physical. We feel that learning to overcome challenges is the first piece in becoming a confident and successful person.

Throughout all our classes have a clear progression from Tiny Tigers through to Junior Warriors and on into the Youth and Adults programmes, however your child doesn’t have to start as a Tiny Tiger, they can join at any age!

Click on the links below to find out more, or if your child is 11 years or older then go here.

Tiny Tigers

Classes designed for children who are in Reception & Year 1 at school (ages 4-6).

Little Dragons

Classes designed for children who are in Years 2 & 3 at school (ages 6-8).

Junior Warriors

Classes designed for children who are in Years 4 – 5/6 at school (ages 8-11).

Snow Leopards

Classes designed for children & young people with additional needs.

Interested in a FREE trial class?

We offer everyone the opportunity to try our classes for free,
so if you've checked out our Timetable Page and are ready to jump in and have a go: