Frequently Asked Questions

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When and where are your classes held?

You can find links to each of our venues on our Timetable page.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes we offer two free trial classes before you need to commit to the classes. Click here to book in your trial sessions.

How much are your classes?

You can find out more details or our prices on our Pricing Page. If you are looking to take one class a week the price is £39 per month with a £35 Joining Fee (for Kids) and a £40 Joining Fee (for Adults). The price increases the more classes you take.

Which class is suitable for my child?

You can use our Class Finder to find out which classes are suitable for your child.

Do you offer any discounts?

As well as the Family and Multi-Class Discounts mentioned on our Pricing page we also offer a 15% Student Discount on production of a valid student card. 

Do I need to buy uniform?

Your Joining Fee includes one t-shirt (or two if you’re an adult training twice a week). You only need to purchase additional ones when you are ready for a new t-shirt. You can find full uniform details here.

Can I do a Catch-Up Class?

You are very welcome to attend Catch-Up Classes if you have to miss a class (you can attend up to four Catch Up Classes per term). Check out our Timetable to see which Classes are available and then us the Contact Us form to book is in with us.

”I’m going on an extended break, can I stop paying for my classes while I’m away?”

Our monthly payment structure currently takes into account 6 weeks holiday throughout the year (2 weeks at Christmas and a month taken at other times) whilst allowing Cambridge Kung Fu to operate knowing there is money coming in consistently each month. In addition to this, if you are going away you are able to attend up to four Catch-Up Classes per term to make up for any missed classes. If you are going to be away for longer than this please Contact Us.

My child is nervous about coming along to their first lesson. Can you offer any advice?

Feeling nervous is a sign that you are a caring and conscientious person that wants to do well. These are great qualities that we really value at CKF. Feeling nervous is also an opportunity to be brave & being brave is one of the best things anyone can be! The instructors will work with your child to help them integrate into the class if they are feeling nervous. If they think it would be better for you to stay a little while in the class to help your child settle they will let you know.

Can I (Parent/Guardian) watch my child’s class?

Parents do not generally stay to watch the classes, however if your child is particularly nervous or needs specific assistance your class instructors can chat about staying in the class. At Hill’s Road Sports and Tennis Centre and at Queen Emma Primary School there are seperate places for adults to stay and wait while their child is in the class. Just ask the instructors for more information.

What is the difference between a Kids Face to Face and Zoom class?

Students in our Face to Face classes and Zoom classes will both have 50 minute classes that follow the same syllabus. Kids can Grade regardless of whether they attend a Face to Face or Zoom class and we will hold a ‘Celebration Week’ in both types of class. Having refined our Zoom classes over the last year we are confident that students in the Zoom classes will still be able to achieve their Kung Fu goals as if they were in the Face to Face classes.

What is the difference between an Adults Face to Face and Zoom class?

Our Face to Face classes are 1hr 20 minutes long and follow a termly syllabus which results in grading.

Our Thursday night Zoom Only classes are 50 minutes long:

– Tai Chi looks at one or two individual movements per lesson, focusing on a gradual development and improvement, and to supplement students who attend private training. 

– Escrima Concepts is primarily aimed at students who have moved away and want to continue their training, as well as to supplement those in regular classes. As such each week’s training is based on those in attendance.

What is FuTube?

FuTube is the sister site of It was first created at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide training resources for Cambridge Kung Fu students and it contains a wealth of information for those in our Kids, Youth and Adults classes. It includes follow along classes, workouts, extra concepts and ideas to explore, games, detailed breakdowns of each move within our kids syllabus and much more.

Where is FuTube? How do i access it?

If you are a current member you can log in and access training videos for our Kids, Youth and Adults classes using the menu system at the top of the page.

If you are not a current member but are interested in trying out FuTube then get in touch as it can also be used as a stand alone training resource and we can activate a free trial for you. You can try out our Free Taster right now without having an account.