Frequently Asked Questions

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When are Face to Face Kung Fu classes going to resume?

Due to the current lockdown all our classes have moved to Zoom based classes. Once the lockdown is finished we aim to continue with our main timetable, depending on venue availability. You can see our timetable details here.

What is the timetable going to be?

Our timetable can be found here. As you will see it combines a mixture of Face to Face and Zoom classes. When Government and venue restrictions safely allow, our aim is to continue the transition back towards our Face to Face classes.

What safety measures will be in place in Face to Face classes?

Please see our COVID-19 Guidelines and Risk Assessments on our Documents page.

How much will I be charged?
  • Option 1 – £39 per month – Gives you continued access to FuTube and a space in one Face to Face class each week. See below for  multi-class discount and/or family discount.
  • Option 2 – £34 per month – Gives you continued access to FuTube and a space in one Zoom class each week. See below for  multi-class discount and/or family discount..
  • Option 3 – £29 per month –  Gives you continued access to FuTube (only) for the entire household regardless of the number of family members/siblings. 
Is there a Joining or Membership Fee?

There is a one off Joining Fee which is broken down as follows:

Membership & Insurance: £25
– plus –
Uniform T-shirt: £10 for children’s sizes, £15 for adult sizes

If you choose to pay for your training monthly this can be taken with the first Direct Debit. The Monthly price includes all subsequent Cambridge kung Fu Membership and Insurance. Extra t-shirts can be bought as and when required.


Escrima Concepts Organisation Membership
For those studying Escrima Concepts there is an additional £10 for membership to the Escrima Concepts organisation, payable each January, which enables you to be graded by GM Steve and Tappin and attend their seminars across Europe.

UCT Organisataion Membership
For those studying Wing Chun, when you reach the Senior and Advanced Levels you have the option to be graded by Sifu Benno on his Practical Wing Chun syllabus that lead to the Technician Grades. There is an annual membership of £37 paid each January to be part of his UCT Organisation.

What discounts are available?

Student Discount
If you are a student, with a valid student card, we can offer you a 15% discount on classes.

Multi Class Discount
After your first class per week you get £20 discount for each additional class you do, so you pay £19 per month for a Face to Face class or £14 a month for Zoom. Once you are paying for 4 classes a week, you can attend any extra classes for free.

For example:
2 Face to Face classes per week: £58 per month (£39+£19)
2 Face to Face classes and 1 Zoom class per week: £73 per month (£39+£19+£14)
4 Face to Face claases+ per week: £96 per month (£39+£19+£19+£19)

Family Discount
If other members of your family would like to train with us as well you can take £10 off (per additional family member, per month) for their class.

e.g. £39+£39 = £78 – £10 discount = £68 per month.

Still have questions…
If you would like to attend multiple classes and/or have multiple students within your family attending our classes and you are still unsure how much your classes will cost please just get in touch.

What is the difference between a Face to Face and Zoom class (Kids & Youth Kung Fu)?

Students in our Face to Face classes and Zoom classes will both have 50 minute classes (30 mins for Monkeys) that follow the same syllabus. Both the Kids and Youth Kung Fu students can Grade regardless of whether they attend a Face to Face or Zoom class and we will hold a ‘Celebration Week’ in both types of class. Having refined our Zoom classes over the last year we are confident that students in the Zoom classes will still be able to achieve their Kung Fu goals as if they were in the Face to Face classes.

What is the difference between a Face to Face and Zoom class (Adults Classes)?

We are currently Zooming during the Adults Face to Face classes where possible. This enables all students to have the same training opportunities whether via Zoom or Face to Face.

What about my Wing Chun Grading (Youth/Adults)?

Until it is safe to return to contact training, Gradings will continue as they have over Zooms, with the Face to Face classes following this format. Once contact training is allowed we will have a period of ‘catch-up’ grading for those who missed their grading or need to complete Revision Grades.

Can I (Parent/Guardian) watch my child’s class?

Unfortunately we cannot currently have spectators in the room. However you are very welcome to come in with your child and get them settled before you leave. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to leave the site where possible or wait in their private vehicles. If this is not possible there is a Waiting Area at Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre but this is relatively small and social distancing should be observed.

When your child joined our classes you provided us with contact details. If you are concerned that these may be out of date please let us know.

Will students or staff be required to wear Face Coverings?

No, we do not require staff or students to wear a Face Covering during the class, however you will need to wear one in any other areas of the venue. If you/your child would like to wear one during the class then that is, of course, ok. 

Can I do a Catch-Up Class?

You are very welcome to attend Catch-Up Classes if you have to miss a class however these are only available on Zoom (until further notice). Check out our Timetable to see which Zoom Classes are available.

What happens to my class if there is a 'Local/National Lockdown'?

In the event that Face to Face classes must be temporarily suspended we will replace each class with a Zoom class equivalent on the same day and at the same time where possible.